Multimedia Presentations
by Dan Reid, CEO, The Reid Group

Case Study #3 Waterloo Insurance

The Challenge

Waterloo Insurance needed to communicate the benefits of membership. Their strategy was to develop corporate insurance packages for the employees of large Canadian corporations. They would offer both car and home insurance under the Waterloo banner at very competitive prices.

Waterloo Insurance first needed to target the independent brokers who had working relationships with large companies across Canada. The challenge was to get these brokers committed to this concept since they would be the ones presenting to both the executives and employees of the corporations.

Second, presentation materials needed to be developed to communicate the benefits of the program to key executives. These executives would then give tacit approval for the project to move ahead.

Third, presentations would then be made to the corporation's employees, often in large groups, where the program was laid out stating the advantages and benefits of working with the Waterloo Insurance Company.

Finally, it was anticipated that some individuals within these companies would want more information and that the brokers would have to work one on one with them.

A CD-ROM was chosen as one of the vehicles for this campaign. The reasoning: it provided a consistent message for all brokers to follow and it could be used on a laptop. It could be presented to key executives within the corporation, to large groups of employees and to individuals with a high level of interactivity.


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