Design Excellence Award for 'Sounds of Evolution'

Rolland inc., an international paper distributor and contest coordinator, also launched the never been done before paper promotion designed by The Reid Group and project partners Cober Printing and AmericDisc.

"This promotion is extraordinary and we are very excited and pleased with it," said Bruno Beauchamp, Market Manager of Rolland inc. "We chose 'Sounds of Evolution' for its effective interplay of sound, image, texture and poetry," Beauchamp explained before presenting the award. Equipped with this exciting hands-on promotional tool, Rolland plans to distribute over 5300 copies to both corporate and design-oriented clients in Canada and the USA.

Rolland wanted a new approach to paper promotion and as a result, initiated this national competition offering Canadian designers a unique opportunity to express themselves.

Reid placed first out of 600 entries and has proven to be Rolland's most innovative paper promotion book to date. It will be the first promotional piece to come with its own CD.