The Reid Group is a communications agency focused on creating success stories for our clients by "Looking outward for You." Founded 17 years ago by Monica Reid, the agency works with large corporate clients and organizations, as well as unique entrepreneurial groups.

Reid's award-winning design team is fully integrated and exceptionally strategic. The agency's expertise is in advertising, corporate communications, design and new media. Its new home is 554 Parkside Drive in Waterloo Ontario Canada.

Always innovative, The Reid Group adopted new technology early on, capitalizing on its potential to enhance creativity and increase productivity. We used the first computers in 1981. By 1987 we were using Ethernet to network our computers and purchased our first file server.

In 1994 we developed our first interactive multimedia presentation on CD-ROM. As technology continues to advance, The Reid Group makes significant investments in research and development. The result is new opportunities for our clients.

The Reid Group History