What People Are Saying About The Reid Group

Babcock & Wilcox
"We wanted to say how pleased we are with the brochure The Reid Group produced for us on Nuclear Replacement Steam Generators. The feedback from our customers and salespeople has been very positive, and the brochure is in constant demand. As well, the poster has been distributed at trade shows and used as a promotional giveaway."

Fran A. Gregory, Manager, Public Relations & Communications

Cober Printing
"The Reid Group's attention to detail is rare in this industry. Whether it's the designers, print specialists, or the principals, they all take the same care in press approving each print job regardless of the size of the press run."

Peter Cober, President

Maxx Trading Cards
"The Reid Group was new to the trading card market in 1993, yet their approach was always dramatic and unique. We trusted Reid to work directly with some of our most cherished accounts such as Mattel, Texaco and Baby Ruth to design and produce trading card sets and complete advertising support materials. With their latest technology, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles and even our office in North Carolina were simply a modem file away."

Wayne Budd, Past President

Royal Bank - Knowledge-Based Industries
"The Reid Group's thoroughness in research analysis and pursuant understanding of our business gave us focused communications materials that succeeded in solving our marketing challenges. They are resourceful and committed to our business."

Steven J. Mallion, Manager of Technology

Geon Company
(formerly BFGoodrich)
"I am still in shock when I realized that in less than one week, the final changes were made to the brochures, they were printed, the boxes assembled with all the inserts and then were shipped to all of our 13 locations across North America on time. WOW!! I truly appreciate the 'above and beyond' response The Reid Group provided me in this project."

Louise O'Dell

HUMMINGBIRD Communications Ltd.
"You've told us things about ourselves that we suspected but never had confirmed. You've really done your homework."

Virginia Jamieson, Co-ordinator, Press Relations & Marketing Programs

"From the launch of the name and the new logo, through 20+ technical brochures, and the numerous creative advertising spots you have developed, your firm has successfully focused on presenting IPEX in a way that has surpassed my own lofty expectations."

Paul Leonard, VP Sales & Marketing

"We received the French Process Pipe brochures. Therefore I want to express my extreme satisfaction for a job well done! It was gratifying to work with your professional team all along the composition of the brochure and I appreciated the constant support. Congratulations and thanks."

Jean-Pierre Péloquin, Marketing Director

"I am just not in a position to evaluate our 1996 results or to talk about 1997 right now. Too many sales. Too little inventory. "Where's my Kitec?" It is the most prolific statement in the U.S. today. Congratulations to all on the team - for going beyond."

Chuck Waters, U.S. National Sales Manager