What Makes Effective Advertising

1. Creating a response.

Effective advertising makes people stop, think and take a course of action. In a fraction of a second, it can clearly communicate a message, concept or idea to an audience who may not know you, your product or your service.

2. Building a solid client/agency relationship.

The Reid Group believes in the consultative process. Research and listening play a large part in setting the stage for a strong partnership. As Dan Reid, CEO, states, "client/agency association is about building a relationship and a mutual respect for the knowledge and abilities of all involved."

The Reid Group works to become an extension of our client's marketing team, augmenting their strengths with ours. By defining goals and objectives, developing positioning and strategy, together with our clients, we build a road map of where you are and where you want to go.

3. Developing the road map.

Goals, objectives, positioning and strategy are the first order of business and are agreed upon before any creative is developed. These elements become the yardstick by which all creative is measured, allowing everyone within the process to ask: Does the creative support the stated goals and objectives? Does it help position the client? Does it meet strategy?

The Reid Group offers clients the experience, skills and insight needed to understand complex issues and reduce them to manageable, targeted solutions that work. Our team of professionals excel at executing creative strategy. We let the message be heard and understood by the target audience. We strive to surpass expectations!

In summary, creating effective advertising means: